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    Analytical instruments and security engineering Department
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          The Department of analytical instruments and security engineering specializes in all kinds of analytical instruments. In recent years, the Department has developed H2, O2, CO2 and other gases analysis instrument and COD on-line analyzer and on-line ammonia nitrogen analyzer, the black light night vision instrument, widely used in iron and steel, electric power, chemical industry, metallurgy, environmental protection, security and other industries, enjoyed a high reputation in the market.
          We are willing to work together with old and new friends for a better tomorrow.、
          THE analytical Instruments:
          Address: No.6, shiji Road, gaokai area, Handan City, Hebei Province
          Postcode: 056011
          Tel: 0310-7189523/524                     Fax: 0310-7183528
          Email: lz_718@163.com                       Contacts:  Mr. Li
          The black light night vision instrument:
          Address: No.6, shiji Road, gaokai area, Handan City, Hebei Province
          Postcode: 056011
          Tel:  0310-7183521/529                     Fax: 0310-7183528
          Email: hds718@163.com                       Contacts:  Mr. Su
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