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          180 Factory is an industry for trial-manufacture of the 718th research institute of CSIC, has been set up in the early stage of the establishment of the Institute in 1966. In 1998 achieved I, II pressure vessel design manufacturing license, in 2010 to obtain civil nuclear safety equipment manufacturing license, has 13 civilian nuclear safety equipment nondestructive testing qualification certificate, three civil nuclear safety welder, nine special equipment nondestructive testing qualification certificate, eight special equipment welder, three pressure vessel design personnel, 9 ordinary welders. We have more than 100 sets of processing equipment, including: 2.5 m vertical lathe, TPX6113 / 2 boring machine, CNC lathe, 3.2 m folding machine, 2500 × 12 shears, hydraulic machines, plasma cutting machines, automatic welding center, coiling machine, hydraulic pipe bender, 250 type band saw machine, and various lathes, milling machine, argon arc welding machine, drilling machine, lifting equipment, etc., more than 20 sets of digital ultrasonic flaw detector, axial ray detector, magnetic particle testing machine, tensile testing machine, universal impact testing machine and other physical and chemical testing equipment. We have the largest sandblasting room, Spray Booth in Handan, bear the task of national defense research and trial production, processing work, and production of civilian nuclear power equipment. 108 Factory independent research and development of meteorological water electrolysis hydrogen production equipment, since the eighties of the last century it is equipped to meteorological sounding business, has been all over domestic meteorological fields. In particular integral motorized hydrogen station, because of its good maneuverability, all-weather environmental adaptability, successfully used in Shenzhou spacecraft launch, monitoring and control, recovery and large-scale scientific experiments. 180 Factory's processing ability is strong, the technical level of workers is perfect, strict management, keep promise, quality first, we have developed with appropriate management programs for different products. We can contract civilian nuclear power products, pressure vessels and other machining tasks. Warmly welcome all the relevant industries to contact our factory to negotiate business.
          Pressure vessel
          180 Factory has made pressure vessel manufacturing license in 1998. We produced nearly a thousand sets of the Ⅰ,Ⅱ kind of medium and low pressure vessel. 180 Factory is equipped with plasma cutting machine, automatic welding center, argon arc welding and other advanced production equipment and digital ultrasonic flaw detector, ultrasonic thickness gauge, axial X-ray detection machine, magnetic flaw detector, tensile testing machine, impact testing machine and other advanced testing equipment.
          180 Factory has more than 100 sets of various types of manufacture and detection equipments, We are able to complete the lathe, milling, planing, grinding, pliers, sheet metal, welding, heat and other treatment process. In addition to the completion of the parent company's high-quality, high-precision tasks, we can also undertake a variety of mechanical processing tasks, can design and manufacture complete sets of mechanical equipment and chemical equipment.
          Contact: Cao Shuhong, Tel: 0310-7189429

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